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Okay, so here’s the deal with me LOL. I’m a nudist from Sheffield. That means I always want to be naked. That doesn’t mean I always AM naked, though. I’m not crazy. I have a job and get dressed every single morning. I wear clothes all day long until I get home. Then, when most people are sitting around in sweats, I’m sitting around completely naked. I have other nudist friends and sometimes we get together for the weekend. We like to hang out at one of our apartments so we can all go sans clothes. It’ not a sexual thing, it’s a natural thing. Well… sometimes it’s a sexual thing. I usually end those parties with my vibrator so deep inside myself that I…. ahem. Anyway.

I’m looking for a guy who’s also at least curious about the nudist lifestyle. You don’t have to be 100% committed to it. I’d like it if you were at least interested in it. You definitely need to be willing to be nude with me when we’re together at home. Will this lead to lots of sex? Probably, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about being the natural beings we were meant to be. The sex is just sloppy fun that requires me to Scotch guard my furniture.

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It’s just the way that she is and no one is ever going to be able to change her.
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